Fiorino Van

Fiorino Van


Compact outside, spacious inside


Up to 2.8 m³ of useful volume

The external dimensions are agile and manageable

  • The Fiorino is 3.864 m long and 1.716 m wide.

The load compartment is surprisingly spacious

  • 52 m long – up to a maximum of 2.49 m with the passenger seat folded down – 1.18 m high and 1.47 m wide, with a width between the wheel arches of 1.04 m;
  • volume: from 2.5 m³ to 2.8 m³ with the passenger seat folded down;
  • the front passenger seat can be folded down and retracted – available on request
  • once folded, the backrestbecomes a handy resting surface
  • can be folded down to floor level, offering a completely flat load compartment.


Easy to load and unload

Access to the load compartment is simple and comfortable:

  • rear access is ensured by two swing doors (40/60) that open up to 180°, giving a maximumwidth of 1140 mm and a height of up to 1060 mm
  • the sliding side door blends perfectly into the side panel and the vertical exterior handle offers an excellent grip and can be opened with either hands.

The load threshold is less than 53 cm from the ground, for easier loading and unloading

Available on request


GVW: 1600 to 1800 kg
Capacity: 610 to 660 Kg
Volume: 2.5/2.8* m³
External dimensions:
Width:1716 mm
Length:3864 mm
Height: 1721 mm
Load compartment dimensions:
– Length 1523 mm/2491* mm,
– Width 1473 mm,
– width between wheel arches 1046 mm
– height 1205 mm
– load threshold 527 mm
Sliding side door dimensions:
maximum width: 644 mm
minimum width: 570 mm
height: 1041 mm
* with passenger seat folded down

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